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Security Guarding Services

Complete Risk Management International = "INTELLIGENT SECURITY"

 Security Guarding Services All CRMI security officers are trained to apply intelligent security to their job. They are equipped with the skill to detect indicators of suspicion in a given environment and then make a cognitive assessment of the potential threat posed. Finally, CRMI officers will deploy the appropriate procedure to mitigate that threat. The methodology of intelligent security is adopted from Israeli security methods as applied in El Al Airlines. Intelligent security is about the human element, it’s about “think and respond” not just “observe and report.”


All CRMI security officers are trained to be aggressively polite. Our expertise in criminal and terrorist prevention has shown us time and time again that the best deterrent lies in a well-posed question. An open ended question, such as “can I help you?” acts as a deterrent to the aggressor while it is a benign gesture to the innocent visitor. Through questioning techniques our security officers have the capability to distinguish friend from foe.


The enemy of security is the operational routine. By conducting tests and drills on a regular basis to evaluate the alertness of the security officer and system, we maintain a vigilant apparatus. In addition, all CRMI security officers undergo periodic oversight by their supervisors and take written tests to confirm the officer is well versed in the procedures, rules and regulations of the account.


The security officer must feel rewarded for his or her attentive and effective work. Complete Risk Management International understands this and provides effective incentives for security officers.

TRAINING Security Guarding Services

Training is an integral part of the CRMI philosophy towards security manpower operations. CRMI demonstrates this commitment to continual improvement of the expertise and skill levels of its security officers through the provision of a range of training opportunities.

CRMI has implemented a training and drills regime unique to the Australian security industry. Based on the Israeli methodology of security CRMI security staff receives randomly selected computer generated drills nightly. The drills are based on known or predicted methods of operations of terrorists, criminals or simply site related problems that would require response from security. The drill requires both team leaders and security officers to complete incident reports outlining their response to the issues raised; these reports are assessed by CRMI site management with feedback then supplied to the officers. CRMI have over 100 security drills based on various site and building scenarios ensuring its entire staff are fully equipped for any potentiality. Ongoing programs include training in Predictive Profiling for terrorism and fire / emergency evacuation procedures for all CRMI staff.

CRMI routinely complete on line security counter terrorism training courses with Chameleon Associates in the United States.

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