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Security Consultant and Threat Assessments

CRMI’s security consulting services can help your company assess your exposure, minimize your risk, and respond to known security threats.


CRMI provides our clients with an objective, baseline assessment of existing security conditions at a given point in time in order for you to obtain better insight into the potential vulnerabilities and loopholes that may attract potential infiltration. A threat and vulnerability assessment considers the client’s need to protect people and assets, minimize exposure to crime and terrorism, breaches of security and overall business risk. It involves a comprehensive and critical evaluation of the client’s entire security framework including:

Security Organisation

            Charting critical area vulnerabilities and providing solutions for the latter

            Policy, procedures and practices.

            Perimeter protection and facility access control.

            Employee and visitor identification issues.

            Electronic security systems (alarms, access-control, CCTV and other sensors).

            Allocation and distribution of security personnel, and post orders.

            Security control and monitoring centre and emergency communications systems.

            Terror and crime trends and service impact.

            Employment procedures (i.e. background checks).

            Security and awareness training.

            Dispatch and reception of valuables.

A security survey is conducted by first testing the security system from the "outside-in" that is to say, from an intruder's or terrorist's perspective, starting with no inside information and charting the vulnerable areas. The next step involves examining the security system from within (“inside-out”) and interviewing security and security-related personnel.

CRMI provides the client with an objective assessment of vulnerabilities and security threats with respect to each and every aspect mentioned above. Furthermore, a list of cost effective solutions is brought forth to meet the challenges assessed in the security survey.

Solutions may include but not be limited to the following:

            Procedural changes and adjustments.

            New applicable technology and equipment.

            Intelligence gathering systems.

            Personnel training at all levels

            Employment screening procedures and software.

            Access solutions

            Periodic drills and assessments.

            Physical barriers.

            landscaping (i.e. thorny impenetrable decorative bushes instead of fences)



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